Spanish classes flat rate

Spanish classes flat rate - How does it work?

We'd like you to know we are completely different from other academies, but don't worry! We are different in a good way. We work with an ingenious learning method, you will be immersed in the language from day one, juts like when you travel abroad, the main goal is for you to learn in the most natural way possible.

Our schedules are totally flexible because we work with a Flat Rate, it's just like when you go to the gym, you pay a fixed fee and you can go to as many classes as you want, with no limits. You can attend to one class per day, or all of the classes we have every single day! Cool, right?.

Our classes are dynamic and fun, the intention is for you to let go of your fears and start using the language. We have all leves, from basic to advanced, all at the same time, so whatever your level is you'll always have a class available for you- but the cherry on the cake is that we have a team with the best teachers and they'll be with you in every step of the way in your language journey.

And in addition, the time you cannot attend classes is not wasted. How is that possible? Simple, you can freeze time you won't be able to come, and return when you have the time, at no extra cost.