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Would you like to have your own academy?

Founded in 2014 by an enterprising couple with almost no resources, they opened their first centre in Burjassot, a town near Valencia. Very soon after that, the quality and innovation of their method to teach English made them overflow with students and after a few months, they hired their first employees and expanded their facilities.

Due to the great success and demand, in August 2015 they opened two more centres, in Valencia and Torrent. Since then, they have not stopped growing and improving, more than 5,000 students have passed through its facilities. Nowadays there are 13 academies, such as Seville, Castellon and Salamanca.

In its origin the academy was born under the Valencia Language Club brand, but due to the national and international expansion plan, the brand has changed to Your Language Club.

With a unique teaching method, it is an ideal franchise for those who like to deal with the public, the world of education and fun.

"PREMIUM PREPARATION CENTRE" for our professional trajectory and results obtained in the examinations of the University of Cambridge in recent years.

Would you like to have your own academy?

Your Language Club stands out, firstly for being a different academy for different people and secondly because of its teaching method, which is based on….

The first one is the flexibility of the flat rate schedule, as students can attend class whenever they want, much like with a gym membership.

The second one is the linguistic immersion, , because when you walk through its door, English surrounds you.

Finally, they also offer classes for children, classes for companies, courses abroad and activities such as cooking classes, yoga or dancing in English.

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