Offcial Certificates

Official Certificates

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If you want to obtain your degree, now is the time. We will design a specific plan according to your level, in order for you to achieve your goal. You will receive thorough advice on the different types of exam, dates, documentation and all the material you need, in addition to having the guarantee of being an Official Preparer Center of the Cambridge Exams organized by the British Council. We are so sure that with us you will pass on the first try that, if you don’t, we will pay for the fees of your second attempt.

Come and take your level test. We will make your study plan totally for free.

You must know...

It is the European standard, also used in other countries, which serves to measure the level of comprehension, oral and written expression in a language. It is divided into 6 levels.

What does each level imply?

The student is able to understand and use everyday expressions of very frequent use as well as simple phrases designed to satisfy immediate needs. They can present yourself and others, ask for and give basic personal information about your home, your belongings and the people you know. They can communicate in an elementary way as long as the speaker speaks slowly and clearly and is willing to cooperate.