Flat Rate

Flat Rate Schedule:

It’s very simple, choose your rate and attend all the classes and activities you want within our schedule. Without limits, without strict schedules. It is completely flexible, you can enter and exit (the academy) whenever you want even if the class has not finished or has already begun. Very much like a gym membership.

Classes are divided into four levels (Elementary, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and include everything you need to learn English and obtain your official qualification, as every week we will work on grammar, speaking, writing, reading, listening and the use of English.

Remember that, even if the class is of a higher level than yours, you can stay as a listener and if it is lower, reviewing won’t hurt. This method is ideal for people who work shifts, because even if you work in the mornings or afternoons, you always have classes at your disposal.

If you really want to learn English and you're tired of wasting your time and your money, come to Valencia Language Club and after a very short time, you’ll see how fast you start talking.

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Differences with the traditional method

Why don’t we speak English?

This question often arises because, even after having studied English for years we are not able to communicate but we can read a text and understand it. This is due to several reasons, but the main one is the lack of oral language practice. It is hard to remember classes in which we had to speak in English but we remember bitterly the grammar exercises.

How can I speak in English?

It's easy! ... How did you learn your mother tongue? Surely when you were little you did not know anything about grammar or verb tenses, but you were able to speak. The same happens with English, you must learn by speaking. Of course grammar is a very important part of a language ​​but mastering it does not guarantee your verbal ability, which is crucial for commuicating with others. With us you will learn to communicate in a fast and enjoyable way. In a week with us you will speak more English than you have spoken for years and, what’s more, you’ll do it in an excellent and fun environment and with the guarantee of passing your official exam.