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Founded in 2013, we currently have 10 centres in the province of Valencia, one in Castellón de la Plana and others in Sevilla and Salamanca. We are specialists in language teaching, with more than 5,000 students who have learned with us and a large team of qualified teachers for the most demanding companies. We have the guarantee of being an Official Cambridge Preparation Centres and Trinity College Examiner Centre in addition to preparing all official degrees.

Bonus Training

All organizations and companies that pay their “Staff Tarining taxes” have a credit, calculated according to the amount quoted and their staff, which will be lost at the end of each year, if not invested in training actions for their employees.

Valencia Language Club can consult and manage the credit available to your company to be able to train its workers in languages ​​for a minimum cost, since a large part of the amount paid can be reduced in the Social Security payments.

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If the company does not have a training department, our team can perform the procedures for the bonus. Valencia Language Club is an organizing body in the bonus system and has all the necessary credentials to carry out all the procedures through the platform of the State Foundation.

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