English Classes for Children

clase de ingles para ninos

Our teaching follows the "Natural Method" of learning a language. We do not want children to learn by heart since that knowledge is easily forgotten, we want them to learn English just as they have learned their mother tongue. First they will learn to understand, then to express themselves orally and then to read, write and grammar. That's how we make sure that this knowledge lasts forever!

Our Program is taken and reviewed weekly by our head of studies, who will do tutorials with the parents if considered necessary.

  • 2 hours / week
  • 4 - 14 years
  • 10% off second child
  • Pick up at school
    Supplement payment 5 euros / month. Not applicable for all centers

Learn at home

If it's your preference, for a little more we teach them in your house or common area.

Small groups

We work with a maximum of 10 children per tutor, it is our guarantee.


We will have a monthly tutoring to inform you of your progress.

Speaking English is your child's future

It is very common that our children do not speak English and that it’s not typically their favourite subject. This is mainly due to the method used to teach them a second language, based on repetitive exercises and a lot of grammar. This methodology causes children to be discouraged and have a bad relationship with English, and that usually accompanies them until adulthood. Surely you know some adults who say they hate English or are not good at it. This is due to the traditional method because speaking a language is an innate capability of humans, that is to say, there is no one incapable of learning a language.

With Valencia Language Club your children will learn with games, songs, and many other things, in a natural way as you taught them their mother tongue. Almost without noticing, in a short time they will begin to form their own phrases and to communicate in English.

We work with children from 4 years old

Both in group and individually. You will have the peace of mind of leaving your children in the hands of professionals and you will be informed at all times of their progress or difficulties.