DipTrans Centre

We are a DipTrans preparation and examination centre

This is the most important certification that a translator can obtain. It is an exam whose level is equivalent to a master's degree.

The Diploma in Translation of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) is considered in the United Kingdom an excellent translation title that holds the same prestige as a master's degree in Translation. Many universities give great value to students who hold this certificate, as well as in the labor market, where there are much more and better opportunities to get a better job, and a higher income.

IoL Educational Trust

This is to certify that Valencia Language Club has been granted IoL Educational Trust Examination Centre Status for the January 2020
Diploma in Translation

Who is it oriented to?

To all those people who have mastered two languages ​​and want to be certified with the Diploma in Translation granted by the Chartered Institute of Linguists. All candidates must have a C1-C2 level in both languages.

Exam date

The exam is done in January every year.


Sign up for the exam from May 1 to August 1. You can sign up to the course whenever you want.

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Information about the course:

Price: 489 €. Paid at each academy.

Face-to-face seminar when signing up for the course: The correction criteria and tricks for the exam are reviewed. Its duration will be approximately 2 hours. For candidates in Seville, Salamanca or Castellón can be done by Skype.

Translation work: Translations will be sent to be sent by email. They will be corrected with a maximum period of 2 weeks. At least one bi-weekly translation must be done until the exam date. When a translation is received, the following will be sent.

Mock Exams: A total of 3 mock exams will be made to each candidate before the exam.