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Available Services in our academies

Flat rate

Pay a fixed monthly fee and attend all the classes you want.

One-to-one classes

Our teachers dedicate their time exclusively to you and your needs.

Group classes

If you prefer speaking with others, we offer group sessions (minimum of 4 people)

Skype Classes

If you are very shy or situated far away we provide lessons through the comfort of a screen.

Cambridge Official Examinations

Qualified in the preparation of Cambridge Official Exams.

Children classes

With a number of foreign languages available for your children to learn, why not give them a better opportunity in the working world ?

Intensive courses

Make the most of your time.

Studying abroad

If you want to travel and learn, we have multiple options.


Having problems with a text? Let us help you.

Activities and Contests

We go to the cinema, partake in yoga or have karaoke competitions.

Official Qualifications

We prepare from A2 to C2 levels.

Career Guidance

Interviews in a foreign language, CV preparation and job searching made easy.

International Exchange

Receive a student from another country while your child learns another language.


Satisfied students


Years of experience


Certified teachers


Academies in Valencia
Valencia Language Club

Our Team

From the moment you enter Valencia Language Club, you can tell we aren’t like any other academy.

Our study advisor will have a small talk with you to assess your needs, your level and thus be able to advise you on the best option for you in our academy. Once inside the classrooms, the best part begins: Our teachers will take you to a new world in learning English that you would never have dreamed of. Our classes are enjoyable and fun but above all very practical. In a few classes you will understand the grammar that has dominated your previous English education experience and you will begin to communicate in English.

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