About us

About Us

Valencia Language Club started with the idea of creating a teaching style and model that was different from all other academies.

Our methodology is based on practical enjoyable learning which has made us well known through our years of continuous success from our one to one classes. In 2014, due to the growing demand of our students, we decided to open our first academy in Burjassot to meet those needs and we continue to climb the ladder of success opening several more academies around Valencia and Spain.

We are your English academy in Valencia

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These are some of the characteristics that make us unique

Number of Classes

You can attend as many classes as you want, just like in a gym.

Best price

The best price, guaranteed. You can speak English for very little a month.

Dynamic classes

You will participate in enjoyable and fun classes, based on oral practice with very different themes.

Flexible Hours

There are more than 8 hours a day of classes and activities in English available for you. In addition to that, we don't close during the summer or Christmas, and we only rest on bank holidays and long weekends.

Cambridge exams

Preparation center of the Cambridge exams organized by the British Council.

Relaxation area

Relaxation area where you can relax on the sofas, have a cup of coffee, heat your food in the microwave or have a drink while you play video games.

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Valencia Language Club

Our Team

From the moment you enter Valencia Language Club, you can tell we aren't like any other academy.

Our study consultant will have a small talk with you to assess your needs, your level and thus be able to advise you on the best option for you in our academy. Once inside the classrooms, the best part begins: our teachers will take you to a new world in learning English that you would never have dreamed of. Our classes are enjoyable and fun but above all very practical. After a few classes you will understand the grammar in which your previous English education experience has been based on and you will begin to communicate in English.

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